U.S. Visa Payment Options

If you’re planning to travel to the United States, it’s important to understand the visa application process, including the necessary fees.

In most cases, applicants, including children, are required to pay a Machine Readable Visa (MRV) fee, which is a processing fee set by the U.S. government.

This fee is applicable whether your visa is approved or not, so it’s essential to get it right the first time.

Determining Your Need for a Visa

Before diving into the payment process, make sure to check if you actually need a visa for your travel. Some individuals, like those applying for official travel (A or G visa) or participating in certain U.S. Government-sponsored programs (J visa), may be exempt from the MRV fee. Citizens of Canada or Bermuda might not need a visa except in specific visa categories.

If you do need a visa, follow the instructions below to pay your MRV fee and schedule your interview.

How to Pay Your U.S. Visa Fee

  1. Create a Profile: Log in to the online applicant system, create a profile, and ensure that the displayed amount is in Norwegian Krone (NOK), even though values are shown in U.S. Dollars.
  2. Schedule Your Appointment: Click on the “Schedule My Appointment” option, fill in the required visa details, and proceed to the payment screen.
  3. Payment Options: Choose a payment option suitable for you. Remember, you need to pay the correct fee for your visa type to avoid restrictions on scheduling an interview.
  4. Make Your Payment: Once you’ve selected your payment option, proceed to make your payment. Note that the payment is non-refundable, irrespective of the visa application outcome.
  5. Save Your Reference Number: After payment, save your CGI reference number. This number is crucial for scheduling your interview and cannot be lost.
  6. Schedule Your Interview: Log in to your profile, complete the necessary steps, and schedule your interview using your CGI reference number.

U.S. Fee Payment Options

  1. Online Banking Transfer: Pay your MRV fee through online banking, ensuring you use the correct CGI reference number. Do not pay in USD, only in NOK.
  2. Online Payment with a Debit Card: The easiest method is to pay online with a debit card. Remember not to refresh the page or perform certain actions during the payment process to avoid errors.
  3. Cash: If you prefer cash, pay your fee at any bank. Generate a deposit slip, include your CGI reference number, and make only one payment per reference.

Scheduling Your Interview

Whether you schedule your appointment online or through the call center, you’ll need the CGI reference number or transaction number from your receipt.

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