Study in Nova Scotia for FREE and Get a Great Job in Healthcare

Nova Scotia, Canada, is a great place for Africans to study and build a bright future. The government offers a fully funded scholarship for international students to pursue a program in healthcare support.

In this article, we share the experience with of someone who applied and went to study in Canda and eventually landed her dream Job In Canada.

Our Guest

Our guest is an African woman who holds an MBA and is currently pursuing the scholarship program in Nova Scotia. She shares her story and journey to Canada.

Dreaming of Canada

She had always dreamed of coming to Canada, even before she understood the immigration process. In 2017, she started the application process.

Navigating Through Challenges

She faced challenges along the way, such as hurdles with the Express Entry system. However, she persevered and achieved her goal.

Study in Canada for FREE

The fully funded scholarship from the government of Nova Scotia was a game-changer. It covers the tuition fees and more.

Program Details

The program she is pursuing is called Continuing Care Assistance (CCA). It is a 10-month course that provides essential training in healthcare support. CCAs play a vital role in Canada’s healthcare system, providing care, companionship, and assistance in daily living for those in need.

The Scholarship

The government of Nova Scotia offers a scholarship of 20,000 Canadian dollars to eligible students. This is a significant financial boost, but it does not cover all expenses.

Financial Requirements

Students need to show proof of funds to secure a study permit. While the scholarship covers tuition, students need to demonstrate that they can cover their living expenses. The minimum requirement is around 10,000 Canadian dollars.

Accommodation and Homestay

Accommodation can be a challenge, and the availability of housing can vary. Some students opt for a homestay arrangement, which can cost around 1,000 Canadian dollars per month, covering both accommodation and meals. Others choose to rent apartments, which can range from 650 to 1,000 Canadian dollars per month, depending on the location.

Working While Studying

Students in Nova Scotia are allowed to work while studying, typically limited to 20 hours per week. However, some students may be allowed to work for 40 hours per week, depending on the timing of their application.

Working for the Government

After completing the 10-month program, students are required to work for the government for two years as part of the scholarship agreement. During this period, they earn a competitive salary, ranging from 23 to 28 Canadian dollars per hour. Night shifts and weekends can further boost income, with an additional 2 dollars per hour for night shifts and weekends.


Nova Scotia is a great option for African students who are looking for a fully funded pathway to a bright future in healthcare. The Continuing Care Assistance program, along with the government scholarship, opens doors to a rewarding career.

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