South African Bursaries to Study Abroad

South African Bursaries for International Studies, studying abroad opens doors to diverse cultures, knowledge, and experiences. South Africa, known for its rich academic landscape, offers various bursaries and scholarships to support students pursuing education in foreign countries.

Let’s explore some exciting opportunities available for both South African and international students.

For each opportunity on this list, google and read more about them before attempting to apply to them

Bursaries and Scholarships for Students from Other Countries:

  1. Advance Africa Scholarship: An online scholarship welcoming students from various African countries.
  2. Bank of Namibia Bursary 2024: Specifically tailored for Namibian students.
  3. Beit Trust Scholarship in South Africa and the UK: Available for Malawian, Zambian, and Zimbabwean students.
  4. Julius Berger Nigeria Scholarship: A scholarship opportunity designed for Nigerian students.
  5. NamPower Bursary: Exclusive for Namibian students.
  6. Ruth Titilayo Scholarships: Various scholarships for Nigerian students at different academic levels.

Bursaries and Scholarships for South African Students to Study Abroad:

If you are a South African student with dreams of studying abroad, numerous opportunities await you:

  1. Gauteng Department of Health Bursary to Study Medicine in Cuba: Tailored for medical studies in Cuba.
  2. NAC South Africa International Bursary: Supporting South African students pursuing international studies.
  3. NFVF International Bursary: An opportunity for South African students interested in international film studies.
  4. Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI) Leadership Programme: A leadership-focused program for African students.

International Opportunities in the United Kingdom:

  1. Canon Collins Trust and University of London Scholarships for Distance Learning: Supporting distance learning endeavors.
  2. Cecil Renaud International Scholarship: A prestigious scholarship for South African students.
  3. Gates Cambridge International Scholarship: A highly competitive scholarship for postgraduate studies.
  4. Kader Asmal Fellowship Programme: Offering opportunities for studies in Ireland.
  5. Rhodes Trust Scholarship: A renowned scholarship for postgraduate studies in the UK.

Exploring Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia:

  1. DHET Hungarian Government International Scholarship: Opportunities for studies in Hungary.
  2. Embassy of France Scholarship: Supporting studies in France.
  3. Goethe Talents Scholarship: A scholarship for German studies.
  4. Fulbright Foreign Student Program South Africa: Opportunities for studies in North America.
  5. MINDS Scholarship: A continental scholarship for studies in Africa.
  6. Chinese Government Scholarship: Supporting studies in Asia.
  7. NAC South Africa International Bursary: A global bursary for students pursuing studies worldwide.

Antarctica Exploration:

For those with a flair for the extraordinary, the NAC South Africa International Bursary even extends its support to students interested in studies in Antarctica.

As South Africa continues to foster global connections, these bursaries and scholarships serve as bridges, connecting ambitious students with opportunities to explore, learn, and thrive in diverse academic environments across the globe.

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