Latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) Fund Internship Program For Africa Students

Want to intern at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a global powerhouse working to keep the world economy smooth?

Got a PhD in economics or a related field (almost finished!) or a Master’s degree under your belt?

Then the IMF’s Fund Internship Program (FIP) might be your perfect match!

Here’s the deal:

Dive into the heart of the IMF’s mission: Get an insider’s look at how they help countries stay financially healthy.

Grab a 10-12 week paid internship between June and October 2024: Time to put your skills to work and make a real impact! ️

Hang out with the cool kids in Washington DC: Head to the IMF HQ and soak up the international vibes.

Who can join?

PhD students: Almost done with your macroeconomics or related field PhD? You’re in!

Master’s students: Crushing your macroeconomics or related field Master’s? Come on over!

Just make sure you:

  1. Speak English like a champ (written and spoken, of course).
  2. Got brains for numbers and computers? Analytical skills are key
  3. Are younger than 32 for PhD students and 28 for Master’s students.

Ready to apply?

  1. Grab the application form, answer all the questions, and polish your CV/resume.
  2. Attach your current university transcript (show off those grades!).
  3. Hit that submit button and wait for the FIP recruiter to call (only the best get contacted!).

Here’s the link to apply

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