How to Contact FAFSA

If you’ve got questions about federal student aid, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a student, parent, financial aid administrator, school counsellor, or nonprofit mentor, reaching out is easy.

Students and Parents: General Questions

Are you wondering about the FAFSA® process, your account, or federal student loans? The Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC) is your go-to. They’re the experts who can help with all things related to federal student aid.

How to Reach Them:

Contact the FSAIC directly. They’re there to assist you with any general questions you might have on 1-800-433-3243.

Financial Aid Administrators: Sorting Out Federal Student Aid

FSA Partner Connect is the way to go if you’re working in a college or career school financial aid office and need answers about administering federal student aid. Cut through the confusion and get the information you need.

How to Reach Them:

Connect with FSA Partner Connect. They’re geared up to handle your questions on the administration of federal student aid.

School Counselors, College Access Pros, and Nonprofit Mentors: Helping Your Students

If you’re guiding students through the federal student aid maze, FSAIC is here for you, too. They can help with general questions about the programs and application process. Plus, if you want to know more about Federal Student Aid products and services, like the Financial Aid Toolkit, they’ve got you covered.

How to Reach Them:

Get in touch with the FSAIC. They’re your support team for general student aid questions. And if you’re curious about the toolkit and other services, you can submit your questions or comments.

Sign Up for Partner Emails

Sign up for partner emails if you’re a school counsellor, college access professional, or nonprofit mentor. A few times a year, we’ll drop you a line with updates, reminders about professional development opportunities, outreach tips, and more. Remember, these emails are for you, not students or parents. 

Please direct them to for the student-focused info.

How to Sign Up:

Stay informed by signing up for partner emails. It’s a quick way to stay in the loop about federal student aid happenings.

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