Cheapest College in Canada with a 1yr program to get Permanent Residence

The Cheapest College in Canada with a 1yr program to get Permanent Residence is the New Brunswick International Students Connection, this new program allows international students who have completed a one-year study program at a designated learning institution (DLI) in New Brunswick to apply for permanent residency.

The program is designed to attract and retain skilled workers in the province.


  • You must have completed a one-year full-time study program at a DLI in New Brunswick.
  • Your completed program must be eligible for a postgraduate work permit (PGWP).
  • You must have a valid PGWP.
  • You must meet the minimum language proficiency requirements for Canadian immigration.

Application process

  1. Create an Express Entry profile.
  2. Create an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile with the province of New Brunswick.
  3. Wait for an invitation to apply for permanent residency.
  4. Submit your application for permanent residency.

Documents required

  • Proof of eligibility to graduate from your DLI program (e.g., letter of eligibility to graduate).
  • Proof of language proficiency.
  • Proof of ties to New Brunswick (e.g., lease agreement, phone bills, credit card statements, driver’s license, health card).
  • Letter explaining why you want to live in New Brunswick permanently.


The New Brunswick International Students Connection is a great opportunity for international students who want to live and work in New Brunswick permanently. If interested in this program, please research and start the application process immediately.

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