South African students! Need cash for school in 2024? There are tons of bursaries (free money for college!) closing soon, all in February.

But before you go applying, remember two things:

These bursaries are only for South African citizens (unless they say otherwise) who finished high school or are in their last year.

You have good grades and show you really need the money.

So, if you’re a good student struggling to pay for college, check out these bursaries below! check the list and make sure to learn more about each one, what you need to apply, and when the deadline is. Don’t miss out!

Bursaries closing February 2nd:

  • Armscor Bursary
  • Gibela Bursary

Bursaries closing February 9th:

  • Knysna Municipality Bursary

Bursaries closing February 10th:

  • Ingquza Hill Local Municipality Bursary

Bursaries closing February 19th:

  • Beit Trust Scholarship

Bursaries closing February 28th:

  • Poliomyelitis Research Foundation Bursaries

Bursaries closing February 29th:

  • GCRA Bursary
  • Lyceum College Bursary Competition

Bursaries with open applications:

  • Advance Africa Scholarship
  • BBD Bursary
  • Career Wise Bursaries
  • MINDS Scholarship
  • TTI Bursary

Good luck, students! And remember, the earlier you apply, the better your chances!

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