Application Refused Under INA 221(g)

Hey there! So, did your visa application get put on hold? Don’t panic, it happens! This is what you need to know:

What does “refused under 221(g)” even mean?

Basically, it’s like the officer at the embassy needs more info or time to make a decision. They might ask you for extra documents, like that family photo you forgot, or need to do some checks on their end.

Okay, so what happens now?

First, you’ll get a letter explaining what’s missing and how to fix it. You have a whole year to send them whatever they need, no sweat! No need to reapply or pay extra fees. But if you miss that deadline, bye-bye application!

Sending the missing stuff:

Easy! Just head to the LBC document collection office with your documents and a special form you can download online. No need to hand it to the embassy yourself.

How long does this “administrative processing” take?

It depends. Think of it like waiting in line but with paperwork instead of people. It could be a few months or even longer. Unless it’s an emergency, try not to bug them for updates before six months have passed.

Want to check the status anyway?

No problem! You can use this handy online tool with your visa case number. Just remember, it will still say “refused” until they’re done with their checks.

Feeling lost?

Don’t be! The embassy/consulate website has a whole section on ineligible visas and waivers. You might find your answer there, or you can reach out to them directly.

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